Clarifying Care aims to improves hospital efficiency and patient outcomes through the use of new innovative tools.

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The Problem: Communication Breakdown

  • Time intensive

    Healthcare professionals are burdened with tedious and error prone work. It's estimated they spend more than 26% of their time on documentation, rather than treating patients.

  • Confusing Documents

    Discharge summaries are often technical in nature and difficult for patients to understand which can impact their adherence to the follow-up care instructions.

  • High Cost

    Confusion and lack of adherence can result in unplanned readmission, which is estimated to cost $15-20 billion annually in the US.

Our Solution: Improving Patient Care

Clarifying Care has created a plug-in tool that quickly and effectively creates a patient-friendly discharge summary.
This allows hospitals to spend less time on paperwork, while increasing patient understanding.

How Does it Work?

Clarifying Care's tool leverages Langchain along with a local version of the Llama 2 LLM.
Utilizing Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and creative engineering, we created a succinct summary.
We leveraged industry standards along with expert feedback to focus on what a patient needs to know.